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DryClean Pro Software DryClean PRO Hardware

DryClean PRO POS Software

DryClean PRO Point of Sale Software - DryClean PRO Point of Sale Hardware

  Dry Clean Pro POS Software for Dry Cleaners

Established in 1995 and based in Seattle, WA, DryClean PRO was the first Windows based Point of Sale software for dry cleaners. Today it has been installed in a wide range of stores: full-priced and discount cleaners, small pick-up stations to large mega stores, and single and as well as multi location franchises. 

Why did DryClean PRO become so popular? A clear understanding of dry cleaners business problems. With thousands of installations worldwide, more cleaners have purchased DryClean PRO than any other Windows based cleaner’s software. 

Ease of use, and the powerful technology used to build DryClean PRO software, makes it the best POS software for cleaners. Increased sales, higher customer satisfaction, reduced labor costs, and absence of head-aches are just a few advantages of using DryClean PRO. 

DryClean PRO's commitment does not end when you purchase their software. DryClean PRO technical staff takes time to train you and your staff on maximizing your productivity using this computer based POS System. DryClean PRO understands and addresses the problems that occur at the store level.

DryClean PRO POS Hardware

DryClean PRO Hardware

DryClean PRO Hardware

DryClean PRO Hardware
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DryClean PRO Hardware
DryClean PRO Compatible POS Hardware

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DryClean PRO Software

DryClean PRO Software

DryClean PRO Software

DryClean PRO Software
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  DryClean PRO POS Software Benefits
  • Provides Fast, Professional and Accurate Service with quick check-ins, check-outs, and its inarguably accurate pricing.
  • Increases Sales and improves customer service with its built-in direct marketing features.
  • Reduces Labor Costs of customer handling, garment racking and garment sorting by up to 50%. In addition, you will also save time associated with locating missing garments.
  • Lets You Focus on the Customer An average customer visit lasts only two minutes. With DryClean PRO this brief encounter with your customers is well spent in personalizing rather than in waiting for your staff to locate garments and calculating totals.
  • Lets You Take Control of Your Store with or without your actual presence. DryClean PRO lets you define store policies and makes sure that employees follow them.
  • Minimizes Employee Theft by guarding your electronic cash-drawer like an assistant and holding employees accountable for all transactions.
  • Reduces Problems like lost garments, bad checks, cash shortages, unclaimed garments, employee punctuality, and customer claim issues.
  • Lets You Learn From Your History: For example, DryClean PRO’s reports and charts can show you how a 20% off coupon affected your sales. You can even obtain the history of single items like “shirt” and how their sale fluctuates across seasons.
  • Eliminates Manual Paper-work and Managerial Headaches: How much time do you spend daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually on book-keeping and reports? How much time do your employees spend on racking garments? DryClean PRO eliminates these redundant tasks.
  • Pays for Itself:  DryClean PRO’s cost saving features will pay for your investment in just a few months.

  Dry Clean Pro Computer System Minimum Requirements
  • 200+ MHz Pentium processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 2 GB free hard-drive disk space
  • 2 Serial / 2 parallel port
  • Windows 2000, XP, 2003

  DryClean PRO POS Software Features

Inventory Control - DryClean PRO’s inventory control helps you track garments in any location of your store. It also eliminates racking time by using bar-coded racks which lets you place garments on any rack.

Accounts Receivable - With DryClean PRO, you can choose how and when to bill your customers. While we provide nine professionally designed formats of invoices to impress your customers, you can also customize invoices to suit your needs. Invoices can also be emailed to your customers and payment made automatically to their credit card on file (Credit card processing requires a 3rd party Software).

Avoid Count Mistakes - Garment count and payment mistakes are commonplace in a manual system. According to IFI, “Five to ten percent of the gross dollar volume of your business can be lost in the manual writing of invoices.” DryClean PRO takes various steps to minimize this. Since it prints the exact number of tags with necessary customer and garment information, garment count is kept accurate. In addition, employee accountability is increased by tracking details about the employee taking the order, accepting the payments, returning garments, and even simple lookup of a customer order.

Employee Time Clock - DryClean PRO has built-in time clock functionality. Employees can use either the computer keyboard or a bar coded card to clock-in and clock-out. The bar coded card works with the same scanner that you use for inventory. An employee simply holds the card in front of the scanner to clock in/out.

Minimizes Employee Theft - DryClean PRO eliminates employee theft by applying a combination of features: security restrictions, inventory control, and employee accountability. By silently monitoring every transaction and flagging discrepancies in managerial reports only, employees are not able to manipulate the system. This has proved to be very effective in controlling theft. In addition, shift reports hold employees accountable for the cash in the drawer while daily managerial reports mark cash discrepancies and inventory shrinkage.

Extremely Easy to Use - DryClean PRO customers’ surveys consistently rank “Ease of Use” as the number one reason of choosing DryClean PRO. Our copyrighted screen layouts is the result of many years of on site usability research.

Track All Customer Info - DryClean PRO software provides single, easy to read screen, that shows customer information and their past history. DryClean PRO accounts for each ticket, each garment, each payment, and every issue of a customer. In addition, it can track address, birthdays, special instructions, customer account type, price tables to use, and lots of other information about a customer.

Customers Cards and Drop Bag Labels - DryClean PRO can print barcoded customer cards to expedite check-ins and check-outs. These cards can also be used for marking drop bags or pickups during delivery. Customer account is quickly retrieved by computer by scanning the barcodes on these cards.

Notify Customers via Email

DryClean PRO can automatically send email to customers:

1 - When their order is ready or picked up
2 - When new order has been placed
3 - Monthly or weekly invoices
4 - For special promotions and coupons

When their order is ready or picked up

Proof of Pickup - Many times customers pick up garments for their family member. This can cause liability to your store if you don’t have a proof of pickup. With DryClean PRO you can capture a picture of the person as proof of pickup. In addition, DryClean PRO also allows you to capture other information like driver's license number, or signature as a proof of pickup.

Quick Tickets - Needless to say, most of your customers are in a hurry when they drop off their garments. For these customers you can print a “quick ticket” with a few key strokes. Later, when you get an opportunity, you can put garment type and other details in that ticket.

Adjusts to Your Existing Operations - Most dry cleaners are hesitant to change their store operations to accommodate their new computer system. Not so with us. DryClean PRO is flexible enough to adjust itself to work with your store operations. One example is in using the "Lot Tag System". If you choose to use existing preprinted lot tags, DryClean PRO can still keep a tab on what lot tags are assigned to a customer order, which helps you easily locate a lost order by using just the tag numbers.

Delivery Routes - DryClean PRO has built-in delivery menu that can help you manage deliveries very effectively. This functionality eliminates paper-work and employee’s reliance on their memory. Bar-code scanning of everything going out and then scanning undelivered orders or pickups makes tracking of your customer’s orders easy and accurate.

Up-charge to Increase Your Profit - Special care items like silk, pleats, delicate fabrics, etc. requires your extra care and effort to process. It would be unfair to you, the store owner, not to charge extra for these labor intensive services. DryClean PRO makes this up-charging simple and flexible for you. Clear printing of the up-charge on a ticket lets your customer know that their garment will be receiving extra care.

Hotel Valet/ Wholesale Accounts - With DryClean PRO, you can prepare separate ticket for a hotel's end customer and later send a consolidated discounted bill to the hotel. The discount can be in percentage or it can be different for different items. Other commercial accounts can also be priced and billed with 2 different price tables.

Watch Your Store From Anywhere - You can dial in from your home computer via a telephone line or internet and look at your store’s data as if you were sitting in front of the store’s computer (requires Windows XP Professional edition).

Security - DryClean PRO tightly controls itself and the attached cash drawer against theft via restrictions on non-managers. These restrictions can only be changed by owners. Non-managerial employees aren’t able to access certain features of the program or other Windows programs.

Delivery Orders via Internet - DryClean PRO's internet interface allows your delivery customers to schedule deliveries, pay invoices, or change their contact information via the internet. This frees up your employees from doing everything manually by phone and helps customers place orders anytime. You save in labor costs and minimize mistakes.

Customer Payment via Internet - DryClean PRO can create a hook to your internet website to allow your customers to view their orders status or make credit card payments via internet.

Inventory Search Wizards - DryClean PRO’s Inventory Wizards helps you find missing garments quickly by garment history, its vicinity to other similar orders and garment types, and bar-code tracking. This tool effectively minimizes the precious time wasted when searching for garments.

Billable Accounts - For your customers who pay weekly, biweekly, or monthly DryClean PRO prints invoices with one step. These invoices fit into windowed envelopes and contain description about the un-paid items, and past payments from the customer.

Already Knows Your Customers - An optional add-on to DryClean PRO allows you to import the names and addresses of everyone in your neighborhood. This makes name entry of first time customers fast. This feature also allows you to send coupons and marketing information to your neighborhood customer.

Easy to Install Software - DryClean PRO is so easy to install on your existing hardware that it shouldn’t take more than an hour to setup on a standard Windows operating system. After program installation, a Setup Wizard asks you various questions about your store to optimize DryClean PRO. It can also detect most of the standard peripherals attached to your machine.

Drive-thru Windows - DryClean PRO provides support for drive-thru windows using a scanner or key-pad to accelerate checkout.

Coupons - For new businesses, or an existing cleaner simply wanting to boost their business, the right coupon can prove to be very profitable. DryClean PRO helps track coupon usage and their effectiveness. It can also print coupons on tickets for increasing customer count.

Fast & Accurate Assembly with Prism - DryClean PRO works with Prism Assembly System for fast and accurate assembly of garments. There is no need to spend on those bulky and expensive assembly conveyor systems to do the same job.

Multiple Price Tables for Wholesale and Retail - DryClean PRO lets you charge your wholesale customers a different price than regular retail customers. You can also create different types of price-lists for different wholesale customers.

Continuous Forms - DryClean PRO uses continuous tickets and tags or paper rolls depending on which printer you choose. Unlike slip printers, you don’t have to insert each ticket manually. Our standard ticket printer is a thermal printer with easy maintenance and no ink required. These rolls can be purchased directly from Consumers Choice POS, Inc.

Target Marketing - DryClean PRO uses continuous tickets and tags or paper rolls depending on which printer you choose. Unlike slip printers, you don’t have to insert each ticket manually. Our standard ticket printer is a thermal printer with easy maintenance and no ink required. These rolls can be purchased directly from Consumers Choice POS, Inc.

Multiple Store Centralization - (See info bar: Central Office Link) If you own multiple stores running DryClean PRO, you can consolidate their data at a central location for combined reports.

DryClean PRO uses cutting edge technology to give you service and features you won’t find elsewhere.

Reliability: DryClean PRO is very proud of the reliability of their system. Most of their customers have had ZERO down time since installation.

Simple and Easy Maintenance: Unlike other competitors, DryClean PRO is easy to use, maintain and even setup for a first time user. If you want to take DryClean PRO Software for a test drive, simply download it from and use it in your store for 30 days without any obligation.

Picture Easy: DryClean PRO screen’s are much easier to use, since they relay computer tasks as easily recognizable pictures.

No Hidden Costs: DryClean PRO comes with all options that is advertised whether it is in printing, reports wizard, or bar-coded inventory. Just connect the appropriate hardware to your computer system and you are ready to use that feature. This is unlike some competitors, who hide those “EXTRA” options until you have already purchased.

Fast Entry & Ergonomics: To expedite order entry, DryClean PRO uses fewer keystrokes and less mouse movement.

Costs Less: No other dry cleaner Point of Sale software gives you as many features at such a low price.

Excellent Support: DryClean PRO offers the best support in the industry including FREE technical support for 30 days after your first technical support call. (DryClean PRO Technical Support: 1-425-216-3058)

Technical Features

Exporting to Other Programs - You can export data from DryClean PRO into many popular software packages including, Excel, HTML, Lotus, Text, DIF, CSV, and Word.

Automatic Backups - DryClean PRO lets you backup your data to any media. You can also schedule automatic backups any time of the day or week even while other users may be using the computer.

Network Ready - Networking enables two or more computers to “talk” to each other. DryClean PRO doesn’t require any special software to be able to share data between multiple stations.

No Proprietary Hardware - DryClean PRO Software uses hardware that is generally available, no customized/proprietary components are required.


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